Application for Cockpit / Pilot Control

Many variety of products are supplied to Cockpit/Pilot control systems of commercial aircraft with small size electrical motor, angular sensor (Resolver & RVDT) and linear sensor (LVDT). For various control levers, TAMAGAWA SEIKI can design and supply complete lever or just internal components (motor and sensor), it is depending on programs or customer request. Currently flight system controls electrically as FBW (Fly-by-wire) system. RVDT is equipped into Control Wheel and Side Stick, and RVDT & LVDT are equipped into Rudder Brake Pedal Unit. Those components output electrical sign ls to flight control computer for primary flight control actuation system.
TAMAGAWA SEIKI offers a complete design and production for many variety of control levers for the aircrafts smaller than Regional Jet. TAMAGAWA SEIKI provides Flap Slat Control Lever, Landing Gear Control Lever, Nose Wheel Control Lever and TQA (Throttle Quadrant Assembly) with cost saving by in house production for all integrated components such as RVDT, Resolver and electrical motor. It is possible to modify them with customers' request.