Single Channel

Linear Variable Differential Transformer

This is single liner sensor which is mainly used for Flight control actuator. Special design depending on purpose and requirement is available. LVDT located in near airplane engine which generates high temperature environment is available too.


  • Absolute measurement
  • High Performance, High Repeatability & High Reliability
  • Single, Dual & Triple channel designs
  • Short stroke LVDT & Long stroke LVDT (displacement 12” mm) available
  • Adjustment of mounting misalignment for Rod end bearing type.
  • Ratiometric output signal available
  • Operating under hydraulic pressure environment
  • Environmental resistant (RTCA-DO160/MIL-STD-810)
  • High EMC resistance
  • Automatic winding
  • Custom designs available


Model No.  
Input Voltage 5 Vrms to 10 Vrms
Input Frequency 1.8 kHz to 10 kHz
Electrical Stroke ±0.6 mm to ±150 mm
Ratiometric mode (Va-Vb)/(Va+Vb)
Linearity (FS=Full Stroke) ±0.5 % FS to ±1.0 % FS
Operating Temperature Range -55 ℃ to +180 ℃
Fluid pressure (Wet Type) Operating pressure 0 psi to 3,500 psi
Redundancy 3 channel MAX

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