Small Brushless
DC Motor

This small size of Brushless DC Motor is mainly used for Cockpit/Pilot Control System such as motor for thrust lever. Because of the brushless type, the motor is free from maintenance, and has long lifetime and high reliability. Size and winding specification can be customized.


  • 4-pole 3-phase Brushless DC motor
  • Using rare earth magnets (Samarium-Cobalt type)
  • Three Hall IC for magnetic pole detection use
  • Robust configuration with a smaller number of parts
  • Low cogging torque
  • Custom designs for electrical characteristics & shape of output shaft


Model No. TS4353N800
Motor Form Brushless DC Motor, 4 pole, 3 phase
Peak Torque at 28 VDC 0.145 N-m
Peak Current at 28 VDC 6.82 AMPS
Torque Constant 0.0212 N-m/AMPS ±10 %
Voltage Constant 2.23 V/kRPM ±10 %
Breakaway Torque 0.0049 N-m MAX
Friction Torque 0.000847 N-m MAX
Speed at 20 VDC 8,000 min-1 (rpm) MIN
Dielectric Strength AC 750 Vrms, 2 mA, 1 MIN
Insulation Resistance 10 MΩ MIN, DC 500 V
Mass 170 g MAX
Temperature Range -55 ℃ to +85 ℃

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