Single Resolver

Shaft Type, Brushless Resolver

TAMAGAWA Brushless Resolver is a compact angular position sensor and designed for MIL standard. Single resolver with shaft & integrated ball bearing is the standard and realize high accuracy & resolution. This typical aviation angular position sensor is used for wide variety of applications. Size 08 and larger sizes are available.


  • Brushless configuration enables High Reliability
  • Decades of experiences in the field of Aircraft application
  • Small size & Lightweight
  • Provide cost effective approach
  • Custom designs available


Model No. TS530N81E30 TS2369N8000E33
Function 1X-BRX, Size 11 1X-BRX, Size 08
Input Voltage 7.07 Vrms, 3000 Hz 7 Vrms, 3000 Hz
Transformation Ratio 0.5 ±5 % 0.5 ±0.018 %
Electrical Error ±7 minutes MAX ±10 minutes MAX
Input Current 4 mA MAX 7 mA MAX
Dielectric Strength AC 600 Vrms, 60 s AC 750 Vrms, 60 s
Insulation Resistance 100 MΩ MIN, DC 500 V 100 MΩ MIN, DC 500 V
Mass 150 g MAX 100 g MAX
Temperature Range -55 °C to +70 °C -55 °C to +70 °C
Housing and Shaft Material Stainless steel Stainless steel

Technical Information

TAMAGAWA SEIKI has specific know-how for production equipment to produce products in various applications. Most of production equipment can be prepared in house, this is our advantage. Huge quantity resolvers for automobile market are made through the latest automated production line in next building to aerospace production. The production technologies are applied to aerospace production. Motor, Resolver, RVDT and LVDT winding are done automatically depending on component design to meet automated production and TAMAGAWA's own production engineering. The automated winding technology is of TAMAGAWA's featuring technology. TAMAGAWA has capable to supply high reliable and high quality products stably because of the experience of automated winding technology applied for many products development and production. Furthermore, manual coil insertion requiring high elaborate operation skill is still maintained at a world class high level.

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